Gets a Brand New Look


When we started this redesign effort, our main objective was to provide our users with a platform to better engage with us and with other users. We are proud of our new website and we believe that it will be a success in accomplishing just that. In this spirit, we would love to hear what you have to say about it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment or by contacting us directly.

From now on, this blog is where you will find all the latest news about us and our products. More than that, we hope to make it one of your go-to places for everything about computers - software, hardware, performance, maintenance, and much more. Check us out regularly for tips, ideas, reviews, contests and other cool stuff about what goes on inside our company, our heads and of course, our machines!

Since this is a company blog, the comments will be moderated in order to prevent coarse language and promote meaningful discussions. That being said, we are looking forward to better understand what we do right and, especially, what we do wrong. Don't hesitate to pull the trigger when justified as we are big boys and girls, and the truth doesn't scare us :)

Finally, we would like to share our excitement with you. Until April 30th, you can use the coupon code 'WhatsInside' on any order placed through the Lavalys Online Store to receive a 30% discount.

Have a good one!

- The Lavalys Team