Hardware Monitoring

Getting the most out of your computer means finding ways to enhance its performance and making sure all of its components are as healthy as possible. In order to do this, you need accurate hardware monitoring information that is easy to access and understand.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition offers just that - real-time hardware monitoring that is sure to help you keep an eye on your investment by providing visuals on your system's CPU temperature and power levels as well as its overall health at all times. All in one convenient location!

With the right hardware monitoring solution, you can see exactly what your computer is doing which allows you to:

  • Visualize the performance of your hardware components.
  • Ensure all of your components are working optimally.
  • Observe whether a component is failing.
  • Enhance your hardware to get the best results.

Centralized hardware monitoring makes system maintenance easier.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition gives you a simple yet rich catch-all screen that provides you with all of your hardware monitoring information. View how fast your PC is clocking, find out your CPU's temperature, see how efficiently your graphics card is operating, and much more. Use this hardware monitoring information to find out whether your machine has any weaknesses, or if there are any components that need to be replaced.

Hardware monitoring data helps you take the right decisions.

Not all hardware is the same, and on occasion some components may require tweaking to keep them running smoothly. However, in order to gauge a component’s effectiveness you first need access to the right hardware monitoring information. EVEREST Ultimate Edition provides all the data you need to understand how well your components are doing.

Track down failing components through hardware monitoring.

Often, you may find that your computer is running less than perfectly. This may be an indication that a hardware component is failing. By taking early steps to correct the problem, you can prevent a systemic failure that could result in a loss of data or completely ruin your machine. EVEREST Ultimate Edition gives you detailed hardware monitoring information so you can investigate whether a component is failing, before any major damage occurs.

Enhance your system’s performance - faster.

Overclockers rejoice, there’s now a simple way to track your computer’s performance before and after enhancements. EVEREST Ultimate Edition makes it easy to see just what effects your changes have on your system’s performance. Whether you are a gamer, like heavy graphics, or simply want to get more out of your machine, EVEREST Ultimate Edition can provide you with all the hardware monitoring data you need. Everything is in real-time, so you can see immediately what hardware components need enhancing, and what effects your changes have on performance.

Take it one step further with the EVEREST Ultimate Edition enhanced desktop gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This handy little gadget provides you with the most critical hardware monitoring data, directly within your desktop. You no longer have to put up with a slow machine; EVEREST Ultimate Edition can help you ensure your enhancements are resulting in increased performance.

Hardware monitoring equals peace of mind.

We invite you to test the performance of your system with EVEREST Ultimate Edition yourself, using our free 30-day trial. See exactly how EVEREST Ultimate Edition can help you squeeze more performance out of your system with integrated real-time hardware monitoring.