Operating System & Installed Software Information

Over time, your computer can become bloated with many different installed software programs – even ones that you don’t remember installing. Finding software information quickly helps you to resolve problems and ensure that your computer is running optimally.

Having access to installed software information and operating system configuration details allow you to:

  • Find out the versions of the installed software on your computer.
  • Track down installed software license keys for re-installation.
  • Update hardware drivers to the most recent versions.
  • Obtain an overview of your core Windows configuration in one place.

Quickly find out the versions of your system's installed software.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition makes it easy to find out exactly what are the versions of your system's installed software. Simply click on the software section and you will get a full list of all installed software, as well as the size each program takes up, and the version you are running. EVEREST Ultimate Edition will detect most software programs even if they were not installed using a standard installer. You can then use the uninstall button to get rid of any programs you no longer need.

Keep all your installed software license keys handy.

It is inevitable that you will have to uninstall an important program, or completely restore your machine. What about all of your license keys? Most programs hide them, so you have to go and find an email or the original packaging – if you can.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition provides detailed software information so that you always have your license keys handy. When you need to reinstall a program, you no longer need to spend time finding your license keys - simply take a screen shot and print it.

Update drivers with ease.

In order to properly update a driver, you may need to know what version you currently have. EVEREST Ultimate Edition gives you access to the information you need, so you can get the right driver for your hardware. With one click you will have access to all installed software on your machine, drivers included. You can even find links to the manufacturer’s website in order to directly access the latest drivers. With EVEREST Ultimate Edition, you will always have the correct drivers installed for your hardware devices.

Get a better understanding of your operating system's configuration.

Keeping your computer in top condition can be frustrating, especially when everything is in a different place. Anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls, and security updates are all located in different places – meaning that you can spend a significant amount of time managing your computer.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition puts all your computer management tools at your fingertips, so you can easily switch between programs to ensure that you have the optimal settings to keep your computer protected and running smoothly.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition can make managing installed software a breeze.

Using EVEREST Ultimate Edition, you will find that you spend less time searching for the right information, since all of your installed software information is in one place. Download EVEREST Ultimate Edition for a free 30-day trial and see for yourself!